Wahoo RGT shutting down - free Zwift to make up for it

Not sure how many folk have seen that Wahoo are shutting down RGT. Shame because it was good but no one really used it so it was always sparse.

Anyway, check your email if you are a Wahoo System X subscriber. If you are on a month to month System X plan you get 3 months of Zwift. If you are on an annual System X plan you get 12 months of Zwift.

I actually just cancelled by renewal of System X since I wasn’t getting much use out of it ( and my plan expires this week) and I got 12 months of Zwift for free :slight_smile: I think I was due some good luck!

More details here: Wahoo Fitness to Shut Down RGT Virtual Cycling App | DC Rainmaker

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