Tuesday Bamberg HIIT Road Ride September 26th NOTE 5 PM START

Date: Tuesday September 26th
Start Time: 5 pm NOTE TIME
Estimated Finish Time: 7:15pm - bring lights
Discipline: Road
Culture: Race/ fast
Approximate Distance: 51 kms

Start Location:
St Paul’s Lutheran Church Erbsville


You won’t want to miss the Tuesday group ride – for many WCC members it will be the fastest, hardest ride of the week but with the most benefits! Each group of 8-12 cyclists will ride in tight, rotating pacelines over a selected course depending on the season to gain the benefits of short, powerful work intervals followed by a quick recovery interval before putting in another hard effort. All cyclists, from racers to the time-crunched cyclists will find the workout is the key to becoming more efficient & effective and therefore providing the potential to go further and faster!

The purpose of interval training is to enhance the cyclist’s ability to produce and tolerate lactic acid during a hard effort. Interval training is intense, demanding, and quite often painful in a good way! Done right, with other cyclists of like ability, this group ride will be the hardest of the week and should be followed by a recovery day (or two).
Since the group ride has a maximum of 12 riders per group you will need to choose your group wisely in order to get the maximum benefit out of the training ride. The first group to depart the parking lot will have advanced cyclists who are fast and/or are training to race. The groups will depart in declining pace. You can use our Ride Culture pace to help understand what to expect from the various groups. In all cases, the Tuesday group training road ride is designed to improve fitness levels and enhance group riding skills.

Note: Riders new to group riding should graduate from the Wednesday Learn to Group Ride program prior to attending the Tuesday night ride. All riders must abide by the Highway Traffic Act.

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.
Thanks & enjoy your Ride!

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Hi guys, I’m out for this week…need to head into TO 530am on Wednesday for early meetings. (That’s if I’m able to avoid the bug in the house)