TOCX - O-Cup #4 - Oct 17th

TOCX is this Sunday and from the directions in the tech doc it looks like we’re using the fun course on the ski hill side with that wonderful run-up. I could be wrong though as there isn’t a course map in the tech doc, just some “coming soon” text in that section followed by “subject to change”.

Maybe the lack of a map is on purpose so people don’t realize what’s to come. Is it too late to strap on my runners and do some hill repeats?

Here’s a link to my race at TOCX last time it was on the ski hill. Switch the view to satellite to get an idea of the terrain. Yes, there are switchbacks going down the ski hill, fun! Also yes, we have a steep run up the ski hill every lap…type 2 fun?

Saturday looks like rain, so if the ground gets soaked this could be some proper fun.


Register here.

OCA info page here.

Hope to see a big group out there.



Ha ha, the "fun course " he says… I really liked the other side…


For those going to TOCX:

  • I was able to get a tent spot reserved (yeah, they want clubs/teams to contact them ahead of time to reserve a space)
  • The tent will be inside the “control zone” of the race - so you have to enter the area through a screening station where you show your completed screening (the green checkmark like usual). Once inside you can get on course, spectate, etc. If you leave the control zone (to go to your car, for instance), you need to go back in through the screening station. Best to take everything you need with you from the car to the tent.
  • At the tent you must wear a mask. I’m guessing the Oddyssey Medical people will be patrolling a whole bunch.

I think it’ll be like Hardwood CX, in the open area near the start/finish, where they were always harping on people to be wearing masks.


Just incase anyone missed the link for the screening I’ll post it here. I had to read through the tech doc and even then it doesn’t stand out.

Hopefully I’ll get there by 9am to allow lots of time for warming up and figuring out the course.

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