Sunday NotP2A Ride

Sunday NotP2A:

Sunday looks really nice, with maybe some late afternoon showers. It’d be a good day to tackle the NotP2A route if you haven’t tried it yet, or want to either go faster, or go slower and enjoy it. I’ll be out on the route, hoping to get in the under 3 hour club.

Have fun riding this weekend, and hopefully if you’re out on the routes you manage to flyby some other riders.


I copied this from Kevin’s email to the Google Group - Steven

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It truly has a P2A feel to it. Great job, Kevin.

But, I am hanging on by a thread here!

hmm Joe has the crown for this, I wonder if he just tacked this on his commute home from work :joy:

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I have a really good feeling that that crown will not be mine for long. I will keep it warm until the weather improves and the really fast peeps out there can take it.

Fun route though! Thanks for organizing it Kev.

Just as I suspected, good work by Luke Ehgoetz to take a few more minutes.

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This past weekend we had 6 more finishers on the NotP2A course.

Saturday Luke Ehgoetz took the top spot, putting almost 4 minutes into the previous fastest time. Also the Goertz family was out. Lucas nabbed 4th overall, and Kevin and son Sagan shared 10th.

Sunday saw Alex and Angela take it on, and they bumped Kevin and Sagan from the top 10, taking 9th and 10th.

I’m thinking it won’t be long before the top 10 will all be under 3 hour times. I’d better plan to get back out on course sometime soon.


Sunday the 9th is looking very promising. Sunny, low winds, and not too hot so 2 bottles should be enough.

I’m planning to go for it and see if I can climb the leaderboard higher. If anyone sees me Satruday on the flybys, remind me to go easy. :wink:


Lots more NotP2A action this weekend.

Karl Janzen kicked it off early, setting out on Thursday. He ran into some soft conditions on the no winter maintenance sideroads. But he still got a sub 4 hour time.

Saturday saw Albert and Amanda Kleinikkink tackle the strong winds and take on the route using their mountain bikes. I’m sure the westbound stretches into the headwind were tough. Who’s up to challenging their times on a mountain bike? Will we see a sub 4-hour flat bar result?

Sunday saw calm winds, cloud cover and somewhat cool temps. But we had 4 on course that day.

Ryan Grigg smashed out an average pace around 31 km/h. Unfortunately he missed two turns - he corrected them, but it was enough to have Strava not match it up. The two missed turns cost about 10 minutes. Start to finish his time was about 2:54, so that means next try the KOM is probably gonna change hands.

Rob Haskett also was out early morning on Sunday. Rob also had a couple missed turns, but it looks like a time of about 3:10, with 4 minutes on turnarounds. I think a sub 3-hour is totally doable next try.

Drew Molnar has claimed the “coveted” local legend status. He was out on a second attempt Sunday, and he smashed almost 50 minutes off his previous time. Excellent work.

I also had a go at the course for a second time (I’m legitimately curious how Strava tiebreaks the local legend status when two people have the same number of attempts. Most recent? Closest time in between attempts?) I was a lot more motivated this attempt. First time I was recording the route to make the segment, and I rode maybe too hard to the start (the start is almost 40 km from home). So Sunday I took it really easy to the start, I also made sure my ride Saturday was easier. Plus a skinsuit, aero helmet, and my CX race bike all contributed I’m sure. I’m totally happy with 2nd overall. Lol I did have to stop for a pee break, but that was about 45 seconds, and Luke is 2:39 ahead, so I don’t feel bad about that. Taking 26:46 off my prior time was quite satisfying.

Also more Kudos to Lucas Goertz. I went hard on the GVT segment, but he still has the KOM there.

We’re up to 23 total on the board. 25 if you count Ryan G and Rob H.

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Strava Support to the rescue! They mapped it for me, puts me in 9th place until Ryan’s get mapped, lol.


FYI I found out why a few folks have made a wrong turn at Middlebrook:

8th line doesn’t quite line up perfectly on the map layer, so I think some head units are telling the rider to turn left, and then I guess the unit misses telling them to turn right 2 m later.

I was able to correct it by forcing the line to be straight.


not sure mine will be mapped, but this Saturday is looking good again. I have more in the tank as well, and now I know where I am going and familiar, I should be able to plan my effort better, squeeze a few more avg.watts.


@rwgrigg you’ve got this. I felt a lot more prepared the second time around. Just knowing a little bit more of what to expect really helps.
Of course, I think @Luke_Ehgoetz is also going to give it another go sometime too, I hear. :wink:

Good luck guys. I won’t be getting out this weekend as have some running to do. 31kph is a great avg speed on that route! All the best!

More action the past few days on the NotP2A course:

Adam Myers was out on Sunday, and is now on top of the leaderboard, having taken 5 minutes out of Luke’s time, with an average speed of 31.5 km/h.

Luke also was out on Monday - he didn’t see Adam’s time and was simply out to better his own time. He took 3 minutes off his prior time, so remains 2nd overall.

Interestingly there’s maybe still some time left on the table for both of these super-fast racers:

  • Luke ran into some seriously fresh gravel in sections that really slowed him down, so there’s time to gain there.

  • Adam had a couple of missed turns. Not enough for Strava not to match up, but it looks to me like maybe a minute at the top of the course near Arthur, and 30 seconds along the GVT? :wink:

Oh and the top 10 is now really close to being sub 3 hours. Right now you’d need a 3:08:39 to take 10th.