STAC Zero trainer

STAC Zero Halcyon – a magnetic resistance trainer made by a local startup now acquired by 4iiii. Should be a smart trainer, but unfortunately the motor that moves the magnets on one side has stopped responding. Might be a simple repair, or may just be a dumb trainer (i.e. adjust the magnet positions by hand, then switch gears for resistance). You could still use the trainer as a power meter.

Includes wheel weights for better road feel (momentum).

I’ll take best offer after a few days. I’m just happy if it gets put to use.


Hey. Is this still available? I’m looking for a second trainer for my office so I’m. It lugging mine back and forth all the time!

Yes! Bit of a niche item, particularly with the motor issue. Happy for you to have it for whatever you’ll offer.

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Haha agreed. I wonder tho with my garmin pedals if it would work with zwift obviously not a smart trainer but you still be able to use it.

Honestly not even sure what to offer for it!

Sent you a private message with address and phone. Come and take a look, I’m sure we can work something out.