Sponsor discounts in the sponsor area?

I know there is talk of discounts to LBS / Sponsors as part of the memberships area on the website. Maybe we can put more detail on the forum and allow the sponsors to update this information themselves? I must admit I’m not sure what these discounts are and which stores participate.

Yes, the idea will be that the Sponsors can publish stuff in the Sponsor News themselves. We are working out the details of setting them up for this. Any news on that front @kevrideseverything ?

It also may make sense to have a Sponsor or Members Benefits FAQ section that details such things and publish that somewhere. I honestly don’t know what all benefits like this we have. Will see about following up on that and if anyone is interested in helping write FAQ we need a few of those done.

I’m happy to help to writing the FAQ once we get the information together. Or indeed any other FAQs if there is a need.

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The challenge is getting that information from the sponsors. For years up until Covid, the Board maintained a spreadsheet of sponsor details. There are columns for discounts and notes. That information would go up on the sponsor page on the website,

If you look now, all you will see is logos that are links to websites because it has been really difficult to get any information from sponsors.

Steven can comment on what has been discussed recently, but I suspect where help is needed is in updating the sponsor package for our current offerings to sponsors and some account reps to work with sponsors.


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