Sold - Free drinks mixes ( one recovery, one rehydration)

So these don’t agree with me. I could throw them away but thought someone might get some use of the instead.

High5 banana and vanilla recovery protein shake. A couple of months old and used about 5 servings. Mix with milk for maximum protein. Shame since high5 other items work fine with me.

Skratch hydration powder. I might have left it slightly unsealed so looks worse for wear from humidity ( not moldy or anything!). Might still be good ?!?

Both free to whoever wants them.

I’ll take the Skratch labs mix if it’s still available.

I’ll take the high 5 if you still have it :blush:

Sold and sold! I’ll direct message you both to arrange how to get them to you.

Sounds good. I’ll be at tomorrow’s Thursday RIM park ride so if you’re there maybe that’s easiest?

Sure. I’ll bring it then! See you tomorrow!