Simano R500 Rims for sale

Selling my Shimano R500 aluminum rims. Come with brand new Bontrager tires and tubes $200. Currently have a Shimano 105-10 speed cassette on it if you want that extra $50. Rims are excellent condition. I used them for 2 years on the road and the last 2 years on my trainer. Also have a TACX magnetic trainer for $50

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rims have sold. Still have the trainer, and a VISON 90mm bar stem, aluminum, with an 80" angle, don’t know what its worth but if someone wants it make an offer.

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Hey Dave. That 90 mm stem is of interest to me. Still have?

Yes I do. No idea what its worth. It is old but never used.

Ha. I have no idea either. I just need one for my trainer bike. What do you want for it?


VISON website has it listed for $100 ($85 US).

I would be happy with $30 if you think thats reasonable?


Hey Adam.
Sorry if I am being a pain. I am out of town for work all next week.
Just wondering if you are interested or did I ask too much?



Hey David

Sorry work has been so crazy. I think that’s reasonable. I’m going to need to pull out my bike and get some measurements done to make sure it’s right. It’s going on a trainer bike that’s packed away in the basement.

Will try to get to it this weekend. If you find a buyer tho don’t hold it on my account.

no worries! like I said Im out of town all next week anyway. Its no problem keeping them around till you know if they will work for you or not.

Hey David, I’m curious about the tacx trainer, do you if it is compatible with Zwift? I know that I need the sod/cad sensors mounted, but I’ve seen that not all trainers have a profile available in the app, I’m thinking about getting one for when the temperatures drop.

Hi Antonio.
It is not blue tooth. It is old school no electronics at all. I was using a wahoo speed sensor with it. I think if you use a speed sensor and cadence you can do basic Zwift but it will not give you any power adjustment on screen.

Yes I used one trainer in the past with cadence+ speed sensor, my question is more about the reference of the trainers, some appear in zwift and calculate power based on speed/cadence with more precision than others that are not supported.

Anyway, I went riding to Hydrocut tonight and my front hub apparently broke, so, for now no trainer I guess :confused:

This trainer is not what you are looking for. It is about 15 years old now. Would not work well with Zwift. Sucks about the hub! Hope nothing else is broken!