Saturday Fast Fondo - August 27 (Tentative)

WCC Member Group Ride

Date: August 27
Start Time: 8:30am
Estimated Finish Time: 12:30pm
Discipline: Road
Culture: Fast
Approximate Distance: 113km (121 if we come back through Floradale)

Start Location:
Sobey’s Plaza - Columbia and Fischer-Hallman



Ride Leader: Rob Wilson

The Fast Fondo is an endurance ride targeting a strong pace, but with a focus on keeping the group together and enjoying our awesome countryside. The majority of the ride will be ridden in a two abreast formation.

Please keep an eye on the back of the group, especially around hills, in case anyone falls off the pace temporarily. It is everyone’s job to look out for the other riders in the group and communicate when a regroup is needed or a slight change in pace.Starting at 8:30 at Sobey’s @ Columbia and Fisher-Hallman. Heading to Belwood via Ariss, back through Fergus, Elora and Middlebrook. Depending on the group, have an option to extend and roll back through Floradale instead to take advantage of the north wind.

We’ll be rolling by RIM around 8:45-8:50 if anyone would like to join up from there.