Randonneurs Ontario Gravel Grinder 200 Recap

We started out on what was a very misty morning at 7am.

WCC members out numbered Randonneurs with only myself and Ken Jobba as members.
@valentinacastilloc @hugoperezcano @dnair and @devg embarked on their first brevet. Coincidentally, the toughest 200K course that RO has to offer.
A the start I let everyone know they should ride their own ride and not to worry if they wanted to go faster, I was going to take it easy with the goal of finishing this year.
We all ended up sticking together for an absolutely fabulous day! I had so much fun with this crew, thank you all for joining me.

We faced challenges of thick fog in the morning, which gave way to a beautiful sunny day. Lots of fall colors.
I got trapped in the washroom at Bellwood and Gerry almost had to kick down the door. :laughing: Fortunately, he figured out how to get it open from the outside.
We scaled steep inclines! Hugo and Ken even made it all the way up the grange Side Road without getting off their bike!
Dheeraj got a puncture, but managed to plug it successfully and we were on our way again in no time.

Despite our best efforts to detour around construction, we encountered a river crossing just as we were leaving the last control in Erin. I guess there used to be a bridge?

We rolled into the finish just as the sun was setting. Everyone finished!
A++ Iā€™d ride with all of you again. Thanks for sharing that adventure with me.

Please watch this amazing video that Hugo made. It captures our journey and the spirit of our ride beautifully!


Congratulations to all on a significant accomplishment. Hugo is the GoPro pro. Amazing videos on every ride.


Great rides everyone on a great route. I was disappointed to miss this after I realized cyclocross started the next day :stuck_out_tongue: .


Well you crushed it last year in sweltering hot conditions!


The best way to ride a brevet! Congratulations to all riders.