Rainbow Ride! June 12th, 6pm

Hey all! I figure we should probably take a bashful gander through the hydrocut in celebration of Pride! If you’re interested at all, holler! Hoping to do it maybe Wednesday of this week or the next! Interested?

UPDATE: 6pm, Wednesday June 12th (tonight) at Glasgow lot. We’ll be manifesting our own rainbows and will be bright AF and hard to miss! Party pace, shenanigans, and maybe a cheeky photo or two? See ya!

Rainbow Loop GIF by Toke

Q: “Can I come”
A: “Absolutely”
Q: “Even If…”
A: “Yes, absolutely come!”


Fun. I like it.

Want to come?

I do, and I can spread the word to the women’s MTB group. What time are you thinking?

I’d like to do 6 or so but I’m super-duper flexible!

Apparently I like to ask my questions one at a time: which lot would you like to start at?

6 pm, this Wednesday, lot TBD. All welcome! Wear our most rainbowiest of riding gear!

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If Glasgow is open, maybe there!

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Your wish has been granted. Glasgow is open! See you there at 6 pm. I will be wearing a jersey with flamingos on it.

Guess I’ll have to choose between pink stripes and flamingos on my jersey today then. Dang, gonna be tough!

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