O-cup CX overall standings

With our your own KWCX rounding out the 5-race Ontario-cup CX season, let’s take a look at some of the standings and highlights.

In Master’s Women, Jo Beattie got third overall, including finishing ahead of Pauline Beaupre at KWCX. Jo was also instrumental in wrangling the sponsors for KWCX, and gets a “hardcore” award for going to every o-cup and racing both the usual race and the singlespeed.

In E3 Women, Sophie Hotchkiss stared the season late, joining for TOCX and KWCX, but had strong results in both races, getting in the top 10 overall. A dropped chain on the last lap at TOCX may have cost one or two positions, so she might have snagged 7th overall?

In M3, David P and Mark R both got the top 15, with David getting all his points thanks to a 2nd place at KWCX. Dan N also started M3, podiumed at Cowbell CX, and promptly upgraded to M2.
And for extra fun, we got to ride along with David at Dam cross and KWCX, thanks to his onboard race videos.

In M2, Luke E and Dan N both scored points at KWCX - this was Dan’s first M2 race. Let me tell you, I was most definitely not in the points in quite a few of my early M2 career races.
My strategy of “ninety percent of life is just showing up” had me at each O-cup. So quantity over quality got me 5th overall. (note that no one above me went to all the races :rofl:)

In M1, we had Dan S and Tim G representing, with Dan cracking the top 15 off the strength of his 2nd at KWCX.

In E4, Sean B dominated at Hardwood CX, then again at Dam cross, and moved up to E3. But he still nabbed 10th overall from the points at Hardwood. Matthew Au-Yeung got 15th overall, and showed amazing progression, getting higher and higher placings at each race he attended.

E3 was a fast and furious category this season. Normally, it seems that E3 and M2 are fairly well matched, but this year it seems E3 was a step above the speed of M2. The nice thing we saw at Hardwood and beyond was the officials starting the two groups separate, with the M2’s starting a minute behind.

Alex V is looking like he could be our first E1/2 racer in a while, as he’s doing excellent in E3, and finished the season 4th overall. But then again, Andrew L and Sean B both are doing extremely well also, and both secured top 10 positions. Andrew DNF’ed TOCX, so a couple more points might have got him a few places higher. While Sean secured 9th overall with a pair of 4th places in the two races he attended as an E3 racer.

And last, but most certainly not least: the best race, Singlespeed.
Major kudos to Chris A. He won the overall, he won 4 of the 5 races, and also shares the “hardcore” award with Jo B for racing every o-cup both geared and singlespeed.

Also note we had 7 of the 18 participants in the singlespeed category - that’s a pretty decent percentage.

What’s not to love about singlespeed? Here we are at KWCX on a proper “party lap” just strolling up the hill - the race only starts after lap 1 is complete. Coordination was a little weak early in the season, but at TOCX and KWCX we got our ducks in a row and did a proper party lap.

The o-cup season had just wrapped, but there’s still one more weekend of racing. Saturday is a regional race, followed by provincials on Sunday on roughly the same course. (I think it’s reverse directions on the second day.)


Fist pumps all around to the cyclocross stars of WCC and Faction and those Harder Pedalers :slight_smile: Great season and good luck to everyone heading to Provincials!!


Great CX season summary Kevin! Thanks


Nice summary Kevin, this CX season was a blast with some strong team showings throughout. Really appreciate all the practice sessions and support from the team especially Kevin, Rob, Mark. Looking forward to next year!


Andrew and Alex also had a really impressive ride at provincials. A bunch of experience strong riders finished behind them!