Moderation and Trust Levels

How much moderation of what people post do we want?

( Note: this clearly does tie in to the open to the public or not topic ).

Are we going to allow members to post anything? Do we want tons of posts about people buying and selling stuff? Should this be restricted only to the proper location? Should this be restricted only to bike related stuff?

Are we OK with non-bike related conversations here? Only in a certain location or anywhere?

How strict do we want to be about these things and who will police this?

By default the forum comes with a Trust Level system. The more you do and the longer you are a member the higher your trust level. For example non-WCC members ( if they have access ) would be very limited in how often they are allowed to post and might not be able to post pictures. WCC Members would be able to do more. A WCC Member who has actively been involved with the forum would have higher Trust and more rights. Does this sound like a good idea to control things?

Are you willing to sign up to help be a moderator?


You are thinking this through in a disciplined, thoughtful way.

Norms and “Trust Levels” to start. :+1:

We don’t want to get in people’s way or judge what some people want to discuss at length. Frankly, I want to know where are the best butter tarts in Ontario (when riding my bike) and see a debate on the merits of pecans vs plain (as fuel for cycling).

Clearly inappropriate or harassing posts are easy to spot and flag. But yes…non-bike related conversations, overly aggressive selling, or over-heated debates among specific posters may need some moderation or reframing to a different spot, etc…

But yes…I can help moderate if needed. :raised_hand:

For the most part I am being a devils advocate bringing up things to gey people talking so we can find out members opinions.

I think we can pretty much leave things open and deal with issues as they come up. But if the members speak up and want more defined control and organization then that is what we will do.

It will be up to moderators to first tell people calm down and lets talk about this. Then maybe we have to do something.

But this is where we need some volunteers to be moderators because certain topics of conversation I am never gonna read, so it will be up to moderators to deal with or bring to admins attention any problems that need to be dealt with.

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How does the flagging process work?

I’m thinking we don’t need too much monitoring if people are able to flag conversations that go off the rails. Is this where you think moderation comes into it - to react when something is flagged?

I agree with Alain, norms and trust level to start - let’s see if the adults can play nice without supervision lol.

Here is a good overview: Discourse Moderation Guide - faq - Discourse Meta

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