Looking for Gravel Bike

Hi folks, new WCC member here!

Wondering if anyone has a lead in a gravel bike? Looking to spend no more than 3,000 in a 52-54. I’ve poked around Facebook with no luck for a while now.

Check this ride out.

Needs a bigger chainring but you could find one easy I’m sure.



I have a 2020 Norco Search, Size 53 that I’m just about to put up for sale. I’m looking for $1200 for it. Hopefully in the next day or two I’ll have pictures and little write up about it when I make my add, but if you have any questions feel free to message me!

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I ordered a Kona Rove DL in 52 cm about a year ago at McPhails. At the time, it was clear that it would not be delivered last season and they instead connected me with their Kona rep who had a lightly used personal bike she was looking to sell (a 2020 Rove, which I quite like).

I was in McPhails a few weeks back and it looks like “my” bike eventually came in and is in stock. They don’t really list their stock online, and I have no idea if it’s still there, but maybe worth a drop by. The retail price is within your budget. The bike I actually bought is Kona’s aluminum frame as opposed to the DL’s steel, so no idea if they ride the same, but I’ve liked mine so far!