Looking for a part - brake diaphragm for a shimano road shifter (newish GRX, Ultegra, 105)

I know this is a long shot but I thought I’d try. I’m looking for the brake fluid diaphragm that would fit a GRX810 shifter. It looks like Shimano uses the same part for recent mechanical GRX, Ultegra and 105 shifters.
See link for an idea of the part. Y0C578000 The shimano part number appears to be Shimano ST-R9120 Lever Oil Diaphragm, Fits R8020/R7020/RX810/RX600/RX400

Ideally this would be from a broken shifter in someone’s part bin, but I’d be happy to buy a left GRX810 shifter if needed. I can order one however I actually need to get this before next Wednesday as my son will be at a training camp :frowning:
Bike shops can order, but the lead time is a bit of a problem.

Hi Kevin, did you find the part you are looking for? I have a broken left Grx810 shifter that I can happily give you.

That would be awesome!

I have not been able to find the part locally. My best option has been to order the rubber diaphragm (which I did) but that doesn’t help in the short term. My son was able to keep his bike working by gluing the hole in the diaphragm which isn’t ideal since he is at a training camp that will involve some mountain descents :unamused:

PM sent. Thanks Jeff!

Problem solved.
Thanks to Jeff I now have a replacement part flying out to my son so he can repair his brakes while at his training camp. Thanks Jeff !!

The WCC community is awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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