Looking for 175mm crankset

To scratch the temptation to buy yet more bikes I’m building up an old titanium frameset. When I bought the frame I thought I had all the parts I needed but realized I’m missing a crankset ( i gave my spare to a friend and I think it would be impolite to ask for it back!).

So I’m looking for ideally:

  • A 175 mm crankset ideally 50 /34 but open to other options. I do have a set of 50 / 34 chainrings from a 5800 crankset so if you just have the crank i’d be interested.

  • Ideally square / octalink BB compatible (since that is what is currently installed) but if not, happy to try something else.

  • Want to try and keep the costs down here is possible (I want to try out the frame first before spending a ton of money on it) so hopefully under $120.

If you don’t have one but know where I might get one then I’d be interested too. Seems ebay is my best bet so far but I’d like it sooner rather than later.

Obligatory shot of frame part built:

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Looks nice. Always wanted a titanium bike.

Sorry though, no spare road cranksets kicking around.

Yeah, me too. Titanium is just cool. Apparently it was welded in Russia which makes it even cooler! From what I read there was a time that Russian nuclear submarines hulls were made completely of titanium so there was a skills base for all things titanium.

Hopefully it rides well once I have it built, the welds look tidy so I hope that bodes well. Just need to find a crank :smiley:


Yes, Russia has the largest amount of Titanium on the planet so they were the only ones who could build something as big as a submarine.

A friend of mine who is a welder says titanium is super hard to work with.

The style of titanium frames being similar to steel appeals to me, but lighter and more compliant.

Maybe someday.

P.S. I do have 7 bikes right now so don’t really “need” any more.

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I can hook you up. I have an Ultegra octalink of that vintage, but it is 172.5. PM me if you’re still looking.

So with the help of @joecan I now have cranks! Other parts are incoming to complete the build.

“Spokenik” as my wife has named it, should be completed in a few weeks. I’m hoping it lasts longer than it’s namesake which apparently burned up in the atmosphere after 2 months!

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Don’t exceed 10,000 km/h and it should last longer :joy:


Hi @Oliver_Smith
I just read this post and maybe it is too late to show you my 175mm crankset.
Let me know if you are interested.


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@Sammy_Ryu I haven’t mounted the crank joe gave me yet (still waiting on the ebay chainrings). I’d be happy to take a look since 175mm would be ideal. I’ll send you a direct message.

So build is complete. Thanks for all the help in making it work. Still had to purchase quite a bit but the parts bin was heavily involved. Ends up about 9.5kg without pedals.

Just took it for spin around the block and seems pretty good. Going to try and go further at the weekend to see if I like it. I have set it up for a more relaxed fit so hopefully that might suit it.


Hi Oliver !

Looks pretty nice :ok_hand:.
So, what is the crankset size ?
Was it more or less what you were looking for ?
Let us know after your Test Ride.


Ended up with 172.5mm and I can’t tell the different to be honest :slight_smile:

Took it for a longer ride and while the fit is great and no issues with the build, the frame is stiffer than I had hoped. I was hoping to marry the stiffness of my carbon rig with a bit more comfort but it seems just as stiff unfortunately. Going to have to decide what to do with it.

Well… good to hear that you are happy with your current setup with 172.5mm.
And If you want your frame to be less stiff, you can feel huge difference with CrMo or Aluminum frames. This is why I can`t get rid of my old vintage CoMo bikes.