Learn to group ride - length/time?

Hi there -

I’d like to joint the learn to group ride session tomorrow. Can anyone tell me how long/how far we will ride? Just trying to plan care for my kids!


The posted route is about 13km but the focus will be about getting comfortable riding in formation so some groups may ride less than that. For timing we start at 6:30 and should be done by 8pm.


For future reference, all of our club rides are posted in the Club Ride Notices section of the forum and include information like start time and location, planned distance and route, and any details you might need to know about the ride prior to starting. You can mark that you are planning on going as well, and then receive updates to the ride, such as cancellations.

Tonight’s LTGR can be found here and while there is a planned route, the plan for the evening will depend on the group you are in as we will progress at a pace that is suitable for the group. We will be starting out with some basic drill in the parking lot, and then move to a small local loop, and then move to longer loops like the one shown on the ride.

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Thank you - I was trying to figure out where to look!