Latest OCA Update - TT Series

Hi all,

Here is the latest on the OCA TT series. I raced on the LCW TT course last year and it is fantastic. There’ll be a couple of race length options I believe. A 47km course and a 20km course.

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Nice, thanks!

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Thanks for sharing…looks like I need a MTB and a Gravel bike…better order now to get them for 2022!

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Depending on what road bike you have you might be able to get a 28-32mm gravel tire on there and be just fine. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want to do that to my pretty 2021 Gaint TCR Pro 1 (Just installed new Schwalbe Pro One’s 28c - smooth/fast). The paint seems very thin and prone to chipping, and I just love that bike on the road. Daddy needs a dedicated adventure machine to hit the dirt with ;-). Besides I can’t put fenders on this thing…

That said, I may get desperate…