How have drivers been on Bamberg lately?

I’m thinking about a solo Bamberg loop tonight and was wondering how people are finding traffic/drivers lately?

It’s been a while since I’ve been out there on a Tuesday night at rush hour and would like to hit some hills.


I rode Weimer from Hackbart to Kressler last Saturday around noon. Pretty calm, low traffic. No close calls or angry drivers.


I haven’t noticed any major change in traffic from previous years. Perhaps a bit less traffic since Lobsinger construction last year(s) has completed (there was a time where many used Hessen Strasse as a bypass to construction on Lobsinger).

To be honest, I get the odd driver honking or waving an arm or trying to pass with oncoming cars…but i still feel like the roads west of Waterloo seem better than anything east (see Crowsfoot).


Traffic wasn’t too bad last night at all. I think the construction ending made a big difference.

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