Great weekend to be out at Turkey Point

Trails were great down at Turkey Point this weekend. Bumped into @kevrideseverything and crew while we were out Frunkgating. In few years, tail-gating will be a think of a past. And, when you drive a electric truck with Pro Power Pack, why not bring the espresso machine to the trailhead.

(Disclaimer: I work for Ford, and staff can borrow test vehicles on weekends for the purposes of using the vehicle to find software bugs. This was a test mule. If you want to know more about the F-150 Lightning, please see the


The mid-ride stop was lovely, and the trails were absolutely fantastic!


Good morning!
I would like to join your group next time you go to Turkey Point. I have never been but it seems wonderful. I am an intermediate fairly experienced mountain biker.
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:
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