Grand River Rocks: Indoor climbing interest

With the weather turning to Zwift for someone, and others just braving the cold, I have to wonder if anyone into indoor climbing climbing.

I’m looking for those:

  • who has experience
  • who has experience and are active
  • who have no experience and are interested in trying it out.

I’ve just started. I’m largely dumping to the normal gym for indoor climbing. For me, it’s the same hard workout as DHMTB and DHSKI…just indoors where it’s warm (and social).

If you are interested in starting indoor climbing or doing something different over the winter, say so. I can help with that.

If you are into already, and looking for a belay partner, there are lots of people in our community that are in the same boat. Say so.



I’ll likely be around the gym a bit this winter. Love the place and miss climbing. I know of quite a few club members that have been regulars at Grand River in the past or have kids in their program.

If anyone is looking for something different it’s a great time.

(take 2 - forums removed the first post somehow)

Proving there is more to life that cycling, here is @MarkW taking on an easy warmup climb at Grand River Rocks this evening. Only a 5.11-.

Climbing is a great way to get a full body workout…


That climb was tough! If I made it look easy then I guess I still have some smooth technique leftover from years ago.

Definitely got my body tired, but it was a blast. Hope to get out more this winter. Just out of frame below me are a couple club regulars that motivated me to come out and have some fun.


Awesome! Looking good! Climbing has definitely been keeping me off my bike (maybe too much)