Google Groups import

Has anyone looked into the possibility of importing our Google Groups discussions into this forum? It seems like there might be some level of capability to do that with discourse (Importing mailing lists (mbox, Listserv, Google Groups, emails, ...) - developers - Discourse Meta), but I haven’t dived into it in enough depth to know how difficult the process is.

I think we need to take in to consideration that participants of some Google Group conversations may not want their content to be displayed outside of those groups. I also think importing them will create a pretty messy experience. How do you align content authors with their forum account. We are not requiring users to join with the same email address used in Google Groups.

Perhaps we find a way to archive and have a simple link instead.

That’s a good point re: e-mail addresses. I suppose at some point in the future once most of the membership is transitioned, it might be possible to have posts linked to members where they used the same account, and where that isn’t the case have the post linked to some sort of dummy account with some sort of tagged indicator of who posted in the post itself. That sounds like it’s getting quite complicated, though, and maintaining some sort of archive is probably far more straight forward and accomplishes the same things.

Yes, let’s just move on…

I’m a bit confused…

There are currently 3 threads which have the [WCC…] Prefix indicating they are coming from the Google groups/email world. (Yes?)
(The discussion about bike lanes, a posting for a bike rack, and one more I can’t remember…)

There is no way to reply to these threads on the forum. No “reply” button.

Are people replying to these discussions going to google groups? Are these emails going back and forth?

Some good discussion but no way to contribute via this forum. What is the plan in shutting those other locations down and sticking to this (very nice) forum?

It is not really possible run a discussion simultaneously in the forum and Google groups.

That is why the copy of the Google Group discussions in the forum are read only ( hence no reply option) so if you are using the forum you can see the discussions that are happening and choose to participate via Google Groups.

This is a temporary setup while the forum is being developed and things are transitioning. Going forward there will be no overlap.

There may be some Google Groups still functioning in the future if members want them but the forum will become primary and these read only mirrors will be removed once all is setup and functioning and users transitioned, or at least have figured out the new forum exists.

We did think a hard fast switch of one day it is this and then the next day it is something new was a good way to introduce something new.


I suspected this was the case.

Hopefully the focus to this forum only happens sooner. :slightly_smiling_face: