First ride back: Wednesday's Urban adventure

Great turnout for last night’s urban adventure / fatbike ride. 5 fatties, one skinny, and one medium.

Kudos to Thiago for coming out on ~35 mm tires, and Alain for 2" tires. The snow just started coming down as we departed - also a bonus was we started before sunset, which is quite nice.

One of these things is not like the others:

Most trails were relatively firm, but lumpy in spots from footprints, so the fat tires still helped. We had a few drifted sections where Alain and Thiago struggled. But with some creative routing, they managed a few road based shortcuts to keep pace as the fatties tackled some rougher and snowier trails.

Unfortunately Jim had a mechanical, but it was near the end so he got most of the route done.

Best shot goes to Alain as he captured the group hanging out in Columbia woods (also waiting to see if Jim’s mechanical was fixable or not)