Fatty Needs a Fatty

As many of you know…there is a group of us that ride outdoors all year long.

We ride Gravel until Christmas. But then when the snow falls we switch to spiked tires, MTB’s and head into the forest to escape the ice and wind and have a little fun.

I currently use a MTB with Knobby tires….but there are about half a dozen rides every year that I can’t do because of the depth of the snow and well…I sink deep.

All this to say…I MAY be in the market for an XL FatBike. Depends?

Given that I’d only use it half a dozen times…and could head to the velodrome as an alternative….I’m not looking to spend much on a Fatty.

But, if you have an old aluminum XL fat bike that you are just not using much and could use a little cash for Christmas….

…drop me a line.



Ill drop you a line later. Might be able to help you out.