Dusty Nostril 2023 Done and Dusted

A big shout out to Blake, Kelly and Malcolm for putting together a great second annual Dusty Nostril. We missed you today Malcolm.

Also thank you to all of the volunteers who really make an event like this happen.

The weather and course were fantastic other than the nasty headwind across the back stretch. Today seemed to be all about getting in with the right group and working together.

Unfortunately, Oliver Smith took a bad tumble so we are hoping he has a speedy recovery.


@Oliver_Smith hope you’re doing ok, I didn’t know you had crashed.

While I was busy controlling vehicle and cycle traffic I still had a few moments for a pic or 2.




@Scott thanks for checking in. Have been better but hospital has been awesome and I’m on the mend but going to be off the bike for a while :disappointed:


Good to hear - take care.

Wanted to reach out to the club in general to give thanks for all the kind words and offers of support. I’m back home recuperating now which is going to take some time unfortunately but I’m in good spirits.


Those are great photos! Hope to see more coming in so everyone can have wonderful memories to hang on to!


I just wanted to add that I loved the event. Everything went smoothly and it was a highlight of my outdoor season. I’m new to racing and group riding so this made the event especially awesome for me.

Here’s my bullet point review:

  • nice course with almost 100% gravel. Fast gravel without too many potholes or washboard
  • having 2 laps made it fun with spectators without being repetitive
  • excellent marshalling on the roads with almost no traffic to contend with
  • great idea to have the neutral rollout. Much more safe and accessible. It got spicy very quickly as soon as we hit the gravel :joy:
  • I personally like the 50-80km distance. Something you can do in 90m - 2.5h
  • great turnout with a wide range of ability so you probably could find your ideal group with a combination of bridging and (hopefully not) getting dropped
  • beautiful weather and time of year
  • very close to home so not that big of a commitment for those with busy weekends
  • nice facility with it being hosted at PERC. Parking, pancake breakfast, bathrooms, etc
  • lots of familiar faces if you’ve ever ridden a WCC gravel or road group ride :grinning:

I’ll be looking forward to next year’s event and will try and convince others to come.


Sad to have screwed up and booked a weekend trip during this.

But Devin had a blast thankyou @kaellis for the youngest rider award. He couldn’t wait to tell me about the ride and will certainly be keen to do it again.


I’ll just add to the chorus and second all of Erik’s great points of praise for the race and organizers. It was an awesome way to cap off a summer season of gravel group riding.

I’m looking forward to next year and would encourage anyone interested to give it a go; while the front was blazing fast (or so I’m told:) it’s a highly approachable event for everyone and can be raced like a group ride. Cheers!