Duntroon Cross - Race Reports

I know a handful of racers went up to Duntroon this past weekend. I didn’t make it up, but an very curious how the course rode and how everyone’s race went.

I see there were a few podiums, here are the results from the day; Andrew took second in E3, Mark was third in M2, Sabrina sixth in E3 Women, Jo third in Master B Women, Dan took second in M1 and Andrew stole back the overall single speed title by winning.

Please share some stories and photos with us.



I didn’t make Duntroon but I went down to the US to race Webster Cx. It was super cold, super windy, and rained during my race only. I managed to finish 2nd, that’s right for once I was not last!! Only getting faster and conquering new skills along the way!


Mark, I think you would enjoy the course. I hope they do this again next year - I’d like to go back. It struck me as a balanced course between climbs, techy features, fun and well-planned cornering on grass, as well as a jaunt through the woods.

If you’ll indulge me, I’ll break down the main selling points:

Fun technical features

I think the technical descents were just hard enough to push most riders in terms of how fast to take them, but manageable enough for all, even if at first they appeared intimidating. The set-piece tech descent had three main lines that I found both fun to ride, as well as great to watch riders choose their lines and maybe even vie for position to the bottom (not to mention a few harmless crashes). There was also a classic back and forth down a hillside, which was well-balanced and fun, as well as steep, bumpy, short descent where a dropper post (though certainly not needed) could be useful.


The course felt pretty climby, but was actually a bit less elevation than Cowbell. It featured a straight grass/dirt climb basically right off the hole shot. This was the hardest part of the race, a real soul-sucker, as it was a headwind out in the open up a steep hill that led into an extended false-flat incline. I thought it felt pretty similar to the Mt Trashmore Toboggan climb, though it was probably a bit shorter; either way, those Heartbreaker laps were good prep! The long finishing/starting straight and this hill together turned into a place each lap to use some pack tactics and tuck behind other riders (if there were any around). On my 5th lap, I made a big effort to get behind a couple riders, then sat-on until the rider in front of me attacked and got a huge gap. I wasn’t ready for that, but did my own (less impressive) attack a few moments later to move ahead.

There was also a (for morning races especially) slippery/twisty/steep climb that was pretty engaging and fun to try ride up without losing traction. Add on a few short, punchy pitches, one of which I think they thought would more commonly a run-up, and I found it to be a course that always had a hard effort coming, but also had opportunities to recover.

The Venue

Beautiful spot on a (rainy and cold but) beautiful fall day. Proper cyclocross weather for sure. The course was designed so some of the highlights (tech descent, barriers, slippery climb, hard punchy dirt climb) were all in somewhat of a natural amphitheatre (maybe that’s overselling it) and spectators basically had 360 degree view of rad parts of the race. I enjoyed the forest (nordic ski) trail sections - nothing too prolonged, but it was cool to tour the woods bit. It was also nice to be able to go inside the chalet if needed.

Awesome race



Great result and report Mark, thanks for all the photos. I can picture the terrain there, soon I’ll be cross country skiing up those slopes.

Looks like they did a good job of the course the first year, I’m sure it will only improve over time. It’s nice there are some tech sections with multiple lines. I hope they continue running this race so I can attend next year.

I would like to add my $0.02 … Mark is absolutely correct in his report…this was a balanced and fair test for all. I was Commissaire for this event and was able to witness the fun on the technical decent and slippery climb …as well as the barriers. I can attest to the difficulty of that first climb …even walking up during course inspection was hard work (and cold) and I could see this having a natural selection process right out of the gates. Perfect CX course design. The pits and spectator area was in an amazing central location for spectators… protected from the wind, and absolutely stunning beauty of the forest section in full colour.
I would highly recommend any racer come do this race. Bring spectators as well, they will have great fun heckling in the amphitheatre, that was heard by the racers all day…and it was epic! So much fun was had by everyone.

Definitely worth the drive!