Chain Lube

Wondering what others use for chain lube for bikepacking when it could be wet one day and dry and dusty the next? is there a lube that works in both conditions well enough.

I use chain-L, it’s thick and seems to last through a lot of longer rides that I’ve done… rain doesn’t seem to bother it too much and it lasts a long time in dry conditions. If I know it’s going to be wet I will leave the excess on the outside of the chain, but for dry conditions on gravel I’ll wipe it off until it’s almost dry. I don’t think any local shops carry it but I ordered from in Mississauga. A little goes a long way, takes me almost 2 years to work through a bottle of it.


I used to work on my chain at least every 5 rides((Gravel) 200km or so or rides.
It has been 2 weeks with waxed chain.
So far so good. After each gravel bike rides, I checked the chain thoroughly and still good to go, it stays clean and pretty smooth.
So, last week, I worked on my road bike Giant TCR.

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I have been using paraffin wax for two years and I get about 1000 Kms between applications. The chain is louder then oil but way easier to maintain. The application process is a bit involved for some riders. I recommend an ultra sonic cleaner because having a clean chain is essential for the process. GCN has a good video.



On top of paraffin wax, I added 50g of PTFE powder 1.6 micron. Once wax is fully melted. This enhances and extends your chain, chainrings and cassettes life.
Initial setup takes a bit of your time and patience.
I didn’t have paraffin wax in powder, so I used candles instead. Make sure you use just normal candles and not the ones with scents.

I needed 500g of wax and I have to remove wick from candles. So this will do the job.

Using small size(2.5L ~ 3L) slow cooker: Initially, I select the switch to high position and wait for candle wax to melt and reduce to low position. Just be patient !!!

In the meantime, you can clean you cassettes and chainrings with degreaser. Make sure that they are free of grease and chain lube.

Now, when wax is cristal clear. Prepair to add 50g of Teflon Powder(PTFE 1.6 micron).

In this picture, I added 50g of Teflon(PTFE 1.6 micron) and gently mix and blend wax and Teflon. Try not to mix vigorousely !!! It will go up in the air and not get mixed into wax.

In this picture, I have two chains soaked in the wax. One for the bike and the othe as spare one. I have soaked in chains for about 15 minutes or so. And, from time to time, I gently shake side by side(in swivel motion) while chains are submerged in liquid wax.

This is what it(chain) looks like once wax coating is done. You may gently shake off excess wax and once chain cools down, you can articulate to remove wzx in between chain links.
Wipe off with clean rug to remove detached wzx from chain.

Now, you can install your newly wax coated chain to your bike and then enjoy your ride.

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where did you get the PTFE? I wax all my other chains using speedwax, but i find moisture really removes it quickly. I have found getting PTFE a little odd, if anyone has a good reliable way, can you link it for me? Thanks

Hi Ryan,

Try on

I know it is not so easy to find locally…



You can make offer and get it cheaper.
I bought it at $10 US. for 50g in May 2021.

its the 15-59 delivery that’s the killer.

No Ryan,

It took me less than 10 days.

I started with paraffin this spring. I’m all set up now, so it’s pretty straight forward. I haven’t thought about multi-day bike packing but when I do that, I might bring some wax lube, in case it’s needed.

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thanks, it is twice the particle size as the 1.6µm, maybe worth a shot. again, largest concern is wet multiday bike packing performance.

Thanks Sammy I will try this out.

You are welcome Dave


I rather use Teflon PTFE 1.6 micron. It is good for all kinds of weather condition, wet or dry. And does not attract much dust when you are being exposed to dusty gravel

This is how my endurance/gravel bike chain looks like after 2 weeks of gravel bike riding…


Here is the velonews tests. They find pariffin is best in all conditions.

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