Bridge & Lancaster roundabout closed

For anyone heading east of Kitchener, this will be disappointing. Apparently due to a leak at a wastewater pumping station, the roundabout at Bridge & Lancaster, and therefore the bridge, is closed for the next week or two.

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Dang I use that route for most of my rides :man_shrugging:

And the bridge on Glasgow (?) into Conestogo will be closing for four months in the coming days so route planning will be a bit tricky!

I forgot about the Glasgow St. Bridge closing. That really sucks.

I did see someone post on Twitter that they were able to cross as a pedestrian, so it may be possible to get through by bike as well.

Not knowing of the closure I went that way last night. It was easy to get through on a bike, especially if you’re coming down Lancaster to go over the bridge.


I read the repairs could take a few weeks. Definitely no cars can pass, but pedestrians can still cross the bridge and cyclists can too - last time I was there 2 days ago.


Somebody pushed the priority button… apparently the situation is fixed and as of 8:45pm Thursday night this announcement was made …the roundabout is open again today!