Borrow request: SPD-compatible shoes (size 9 US)

Hi, I have a friend who is interested in trying road cycling. I’ve offered to take him out on a spare bike this Thursday (June 27), but I’m looking to borrow a pair of shoes that would fit him as mine will be too big. Ideally as close to possible to size 9 US. If anyone has a pair of SPD-compatible shoes that would roughly fit available for us to borrow, please let me know. Thanks for any help!

P.S. willing to trade for beer/cookies/snack of choice

I have a spare pair of dhb size 9 two hole/SPD shoes. Only Look Keo cleats though.

Thanks Erik, I can make that work, thank you! Are you going to the Bamberg ride tomorrow? If so I could grab them then. Thanks again.

Cool. Yeah I’ll be at Bamberg ride tomorrow. I’ll bring them

Just double checked. They’re EU 42 / UK size 8 (US size 9). They can take either two hole (SPD) or three hole (SPD-SL) cleats

Hey Pascal. I just remembered I have your cookie tray. Not sure if we’ll be at the same ride. Is there somewhere I can drop it off?

Oh right, thanks. It got passed on to me from someone else I think so I had completely forgotten about it. I’ll be at the Tuesday gravel and likely Thursday road ride from RIM this week. If not, I can PM you my address/pick it up on my way home from one of those rides - I’m a bit out of the way near Sunrise Plaza