Blackberry movie trailer: in theatres May 12th

This is definitely off topic, but so many WCC members have some kind of connection to Blackberry (i.e. were onetime slaves to a Blackberry, or now work for companies spun off from or linked to Blackberry/RIM) that I thought you’d appreciate seeing the trailer. Looks excellent!

Thanks for sharing. I saw the trailer this evening as well.

I started at RIM in July of 1999 and was there until my layoff in August of 2012. I didn’t have much to do with Mike or Doug over the years but I did with Jim - especially in the early years. In fact, when I was being interviewed, Jim was my last interview.

It’s just a trailer but I would say it is quite a dramatization of events. The personalities are not those of the folks that I worked with and knew/know.

It will be interesting to watch and see if I recognize my lived experience in the movie’s depiction.

Btw, I never saw Doug look like that. He was pretty casual but I don’t remember a headband :smirk: