Anyone like Spring Classics and Fake Internet Gambling?

With Spring Classics around the corner I think it might be time for some friendly competition with some fake internet gambling. In lieu of leagues for spring classics this year, I would like to recommend a new WCC fantasy cycling option:

We all start with 1000 fake internet points (dollars) that we can use throughout the spring classics to bet on various propositions. Then, my thought is, whoever has the most points after Leige-Bastogne-Liege is crowned the WCC Winner of the Spring Classics!

The prize will be, as is typical for our WCC fantasy competitions, bragging rights for the winner (although open to funny suggestions).

To enter, simply sign up at and drop your username as a comment below. And, as always, trash talking is appreciated.

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Huh, so we can bet on each race individually? I like that unlike a “draft”, you can make changes based on each race and who’s going, etc…


Some of the propositions are straightforward (ex. who is going to win Omloop), some are just fun (ex. will Wout place better than Pidcock), and others are just ridiculous (how many hands in the air when the winner crosses the line).

The house does make a list of favorites for each race and odds are determined for each rider. Bet on a couple of riders, or put a lot on just one. Maybe don’t waste all your points this weekend.

Although Omloop is Saturday, anyone can join in anytime throughout the season and still compete. The winner might be that person that just doesn’t bet anything and has their 1000 points at the end.

What’s the payout on a bet like “will Pidcock win Roubaix solo in the velodrome and do that ridiculous superman across the line?” :thinking:

I would bet on that!!