Any bike for an 8-year-old Ukrainian boy?

Hi folks, when I posted the need for the bike last time, it was a huge success in a day :slight_smile: My wife’s cousin’s son is 8 years old. They came to Canada at the beginning of the summer with hopes of going back for the school year. Unfortunately, the war is not over and they will stay here until it is safe to return home. If you have any bike that could work, please let me know. We are trying to make these kids’ lives as playful as possible, which helps them to forget about the stress they went through. Thank you! Sebi

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I have a nice specialized mtn bike. 24in wheels. Just finished fixing it up to donate. I can take some pics tmrw.


Thank you, Christian, I have a bunch of spare parts so if something needs maintenance or replacement that would be no problem. You can message me directly at 226-929-1629. Thank you for the response. Have a nice day!

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