Additional Rides This Week

In addition to the rides outlined in the newsletter we have this week:

July 12th → Learn to Crit Practice with Faction Racing
Learn to Crit is back for the summer. Every Wed. night we’ll teach riders how to corner in a group, handle their bikes and talk about general safety racing tips. These sessions are all about skills development to start then we transition to some hard structured efforts that simulate mini crits. This is open to everyone even if you’re not interested in racing a crit. Learning to corner in a group and maneuver your bike are valuable skills for everyone to learn.

Please come out, learn something new or refine your skills and have some fun.

July 13th → The rescheduled 3rd TT
Crowsfoot…This course has been a longstanding WCC tradition that has been in use since the early 70’s. It is just under 14km, flat and very fast with a slight downhill to start and uphill to challenge you at the finish.

All ability levels are welcome. Any bike type is welcome as well (no e-Bikes). People have raced on road, TT, cross/gravel, MTB’s, hand cycles etc.

There are two categories “Aero” and “Road Bike”:

Anything goes (No UCI restrictions)

No clip on aerobars, no invisible aerobars/hands draped over the tops, no TT disc rear wheels, no TT specific helmet, (Aero road helmets are fine, skin suits are fine).

All bike types are welcome. If you have clip on aerobars or want to use invisible aerobars / hands draped over the tops on your road bike you can participate, you’ll just be slotted into the aero category.

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