Adaptive MTB

Hello WCC! I’m Jen :slight_smile:

I’m a returning (inactive) member and am now a newbie adaptive MTB rider. I bought my first gravel bike in spring of 2021. It was beautiful and after just a handful of rides, I had a spinal cord injury (unrelated to cycling) which made cycling impossible. Or so I thought…
aMTB is growing quickly with a variety of adaptive vikes, most oftrn 3 wheeled, low to ground, some handcrank and some e-bike or e-assist.
I was really lucky to attend an amazing aMTB retreat in Canmore, AB at the end of September. It is the first time I’ve felt like myself since my injury almost 1.5yrs ago. It was also the first time I’ve hung out in such a large group of wheelchair users and I discovered they’re a LOT of fun.

I am receiving my new bike Nov 8th and am really excited to get back to riding. I hope aMTB will grow in Ontario and would eventually like to start an adaptive riding group. For now, I will definitely be looking forward to joining some rides and getting to know some of you!

Sharing some pics from my trip :bike:

And here is some info about this kind of bike:


Looks like an awesome trip.

Glad to hear you are getting a new bike!