7 Days Ride for Pancreatic Cancer May 27-June 2

Interested in riding 160k/day for 7 Days with a great group, awesome roads & the best support, all for a good cause? Check it out: 7 Days - Pancreatic Cancer Canada . Any questions, let me know.

i think i saw someone with one of their jerseys at a gravel ride last yr…

anyone on here have feedback on this ride?

i might do a day 3. How do they break up the 168km on that ride? I might be able to do it if i broke it up into 4 x 42km rides, although day 3 has 7000+ feet of climbing…

longest ride I’ve done so far is the Alzheimers ride last fall.

This will be my 7th year doing the full 7 days. I can’t say enough good about the ride. There is a stop about every 30k for nutrition & washrooms. Over half way is a lunch stop.
The days are nicely broken up. Typically there are about 30 riders for the full 7 days. Groups form & you will have company.

ok. i’m considering it. may drag one or both my bro-in-laws out with me for day 3. We have a place to stay near Gravenhurst.

Looking back at the Alzheimers ride, my moving time was 3h 56mins for 100km/758m of elevation. Total time was 5h29min. (We took a long lunch)

This ride at 168km/2133m would be nasty.