60% chance of Apple Fritter on Monday(18th), if not then Tuesday (19th)


40% POP on Monday, that means 60% chance of heading out for an apple fritter.

Flexible on the departure time, usually leave before noon.

Lots of Parking here.

Shortest ‘nice’ route from Heidelberg is 21km each way. 70% gravel, 30% paved

@HappyOne @JimDaley

Sounds like a solid plan.

I have fitted an Apple Fritter Containment System on my bike so I can bring one home for our resident Apple Fritter Expert.

I will drop my daughter at work just before 11am on Monday and drive up there. Where should I meet you?

looks like it’s a 70% chance of fritter now as the rain is only 30%POP.

I’m in Heidelberg. I’ve got your cell number so i’ll send you a quick text so you have mine. You can come by after you drop your daughter off.

I am in too. 11:00 am start works for me as well.

I’m in the south end of Kitchener (near the 401) so it will take me a bit to drive up there. 11:30th?

1130 works.

they have an outdoor spot if you want to combine a small takeout lunch, but either way i’m flexible

That might be nice. We’ll decide onsite what we want to do.