105 10-speed shifter

Hi folks, does anyone have the old-school Shimano road shifter 10-speed with the cable coming from the side?

Let me check my part bin when I get home and let you know if it is 10 speeds…


Does it have to be shifter cable coming out from the side ?
Mine might not be the one coming out from the side.

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i guess it doesn’t have to match the left side, as long as it is shifting I can reroute the cable under the bar tape, mine take 2-4 clicks to make one switch now :slight_smile:

In that case, have you tried to clean inside the shifter mechansme ?
Or is your shifter being damaged ?

And also, you may check thee cable tensions…

This is a known problem for some of the older STIs. I personally had a similar problem, was looking to replace the shifters, but then stumbled across a potential fix. Basically, the older STIs had problems with grease buildup over time (or dirt/grease/sweat etc combo) and then would stop working altogether or would degrade in performance. The fix is simple…clean them! There are multiple ways to do this, ranging from “spray WD40, wait awhile, and then see if there’s improvement” to removing the shifters, dunking in degreaser, and reinstalling. I personally just had to flood the shifter with WD40 and then waited awhile…they worked perfectly thereafter. Make sure you have plenty of rags or towels to protect your bar tape and catch the overflow. Here’s a video that explains the process: How To Fix STI Shifters (Brifters) That Won't Shift - YouTube

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The cable may also be shredding inside the shifter - check it soon because once it breaks it can be very difficult to remove.

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I am still looking for the shifter.
I will try again tomorrow.

It is simply worn out, I tried cleaning with no luck.

Yes I have a set of the old 105 shifters in my basement. They look a bit beat up but worked fine when I took them off to upgrade a 2-3 years back.


Awesome, i will take the right sgifter. What’s the price?

if interested I have a 105- 10speed cassette sitting on my desk. Was going to use it on a direct drive trainer, but ended up getting a wheel on instead.