Who's in for the festive 500 this year?

Here we go, the Rapha festive 500 challenge kicks off today! In case you’re wondering, the challenge is to ride 500 km in the 8 days of the holidays. The challenge starts Christmas eve, and ends on New year’s eve.

I’ll probably be doing some longer daytime rides next week, to see if I can get it done for the third year in a row. I’ll post to the forum when I’m riding, or DM me if you want to ride.

And of course, bonus points for anyone doing it all outside :wink: :snowman_with_snow:

Special thanks to @Arlambert and @Francqlife for riding with me last year to complete the 500 on December 31st. The promise of long john donuts at Anna Mae’s was enough to get the final kilometers done.