WCC T-shirts for sale

We still have some ladies and men’s t-shirts available in limited sizes. All proceeds to the Club. $18

Hello, I’d like a women’s shirt. Small or medium I think. Also how do I order a jersey? I’m new to the club and learning how to use this forum;)

Hi Shelly. I am out of town until early next week and will check stock when I get home. Will be in touch.

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Welcome Shelly,
The club has already put in their clothing order for this year. If there is enough demand, they may re-open the store again, but as these all come directly from the manufacturer (Louis Garneau) we generally don’t open the store unless there is enough demand for them to print more clothing. We don’t order extra’s - only what people require for the year (saves the club money by not having stock sitting for years). You are most welcome in ANY club ride wearing what ever clothing choice you have… no need to match all the other riders.
If Kevin G or any of the board members could respond on whether there might be another clothing order this year, that would be helpful.
Kevin S

Hi Shelly. I have a women’s medium in grey or black and a small grey.

Great! Where and when can we meet. I’m not sure which will fit. I’d need to look at them :slight_smile:

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I’m at 39 Aberdeen Road in Kitchener. I’m home a fair bit so send me an email when you’re hoping to pop over.

How about Tuesday. Before noon?

Sure thing

@Shellarella Shelly,
Probably not another club kit clothing order window till closer to fall, and people can get their cool weather gear then too. @kevrideseverything does this sound correct?

We did a late order window this year (I think gear only arrived in late June) due to the uncertainty around club rides earlier and low member numbers.

In previous years (pre-2020) we did an early spring order window, so kit was delivered for the start of spring riding and then another order window mid-summer and a final window near fall so people can get cold weather gear.
Kit is ordered directly through Garneau and is made to order.

As Kevin S wrote above - any cycling kit is good to wear on a club ride. You’ll very likely not be the only one in different kit. I understand your interest in getting club kit, I know a lot of people like to get club kit when they join and it is a good price compared to retail.


Hi Shelly. Are you able to narrow down the time for tomorrow?

Good morning. My daughter has an appoint at 945. I was hoping to come afterwards. Probably 1030?
If you get this send me a text 807-472-9305

Hi are there any mens medium or large left?

I would be interested in an XL if there is anything left

Hi. Sorry we are all sold out of xl.

Hi Chris. I have one men’s medium in black and a few men’s large in black or grey. They do fit a little snug: I normally wear a medium and went with a large. If you want one I can leave out on the porch when u want to pickup and you can etransfer the cash if you like.