WCC Louis Garneau Peak Jacket, men's small

I have a club jacket from 2020 for sale. It still has tags and is unused aside from trying it on every few months to check that my arms are still too short for it. For sizing reference, I’m generally a size small but sometimes extra-small depending on the fit for clothing from Louis Garneau, and this fits a bit big in torso length, but especially in the length of the arms.

From the weight of the jacket it feels like more of a spring/fall jacket, but of course with cycling clothes layering is your friend.

It looks like it cost $135 from the club order, so I think $120 is fair. Pickup preferred at the library in downtown Kitchener to keep things simple, but we could probably also meet somewhere in K-W.

Oh yeah, I would also be interested in a trade for a men’s extra-small in case anyone else’s arms actually have gotten longer.