Wanted: GPS Running Watch for Old Man


My daughter tells me I have to run the Waterloo 10KM Classic with her on Father’s Day.

I used to run 100km a week not long ago when I was doing IronMan’s…but COVID stopped all of that.

My Garmin Forerunner is ancient.

Wondering if anyone has a simple GPS running watch sitting around gathering dust?

Just need to dial in pacing and training efforts. Super simple, nothing fancy.

Let me know.


@Francqlife I have a Garmin Fenix you can borrow and an old Garmin instinct solar you can have.

The Instinct is in Toronto with my daughter but she has a new watch and is no longer using it. I can find out when she will be back in Waterloo but you are welcome to use the Fenix as long as you need it

(she tells me will be here May 11)

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I’m actually going to jump in on this too. I wouldn’t mind finding a used/affordable GPS/HR watch for my wife as she returns to running and training post chemo. To help ensure she is taking it easy enough on her self as she builds back up. Battery life wouldn’t be a huge concern, really just able to do 60-90min tops as it would be used just for training, not all day use.

If anyone has anything let me know. Sorry Alain for the hijack!

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Nice !

I’ll ping you off-line @msolylo

But let’s keep the options coming. I still may want to own one if I get back into running seriously.

Also for @Sean_MacCormack. Absolutely! No problem. Boy, you never know what’s going on in people’s lives, eh. Glad to hear she’s on the return path. My hope is everyone is running to their old gear bins and will offer us up a whole host of options.

It wouldn’t be a Francq-post without some historical piece to the club. :roll_eyes:

I joined the Club back in 2004 (20 years ago) when there where TWO divisions of WCC. The OCA (Ontario Cycling Association) WCC Cycling Club and the OTA (Ontario Triathlon Association) Waterloo Multisport Club. We used to train on Bamberg for the Brick Duathlon, which later became the Victoria’s Duathlon. We even had WCC Triathlon Onsies as part of the Club Kit offering ! See below.

I used to do IronMan’s. Last one was 2017 in France. Was running 6 days / 90km a week. Now, I’d be hard pressed to run down the block.

Thanks for all the GPS Watch suggestions and offerings. Keep them coming.

Alain & Sean


I have a fenix 5 that I no longer use.
It might be a little bigger than she would like depending on wrist size.
Be happy to bring it out one night if you would like to have a look.

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Thanks @Scottmac

@msolylo did lend me his Garmin Fenix 7. I had to watch a 48min DC Rainmaker video just to figure out how to turn it on. You need to wear it 24/7 and really submit yourself to this thing to leverage all the data and insights it can offer.

P.S. Boy, running is so much more damaging to the body than cycling. I know I shouldn’t just get up and run 10km after not running for a year. It’s going to take a while to build up the muscle, bone, and ligament strength again. And cycling has taken the speed and efficiency out of the running gate.

Last 10km was 42:21. I’ll be lucky to break 60mins next month.

We’ll see how this goes.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 230 I’m happy to pass along to someone who will use it - there’s a nylon band on it right now, but I’ll throw in a bunch of the stock rubber ones (red, purple, black, white).