Wanted cross country skis set up

Looking for full set up. I’m 5 11 and 45/46 boot.

Everyone on my Strava looks to be having a spectacular time doing this.

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I highly recommend it. I look forward to winter every year because it’s ski season. I don’t have any extra gear, but if you can’t find any used stuff in the club then Adventure Guide usually has a good selection.

One nice thing about ski equipment is the very low price compared to bikes.

I got a cheap set of skis at Play it Again Sports last year. I found some poles and boots on Kijiji. It’s been great for getting started and learning.

my gear is older (10 years) and traditional style but you are welcome to borrow till you find something you like. I cant use it this year due to recovery from operation.

Biggest thing is weight is more important then height when selecting skis. Ski length and weight is also not universal as some are stiffer than others.

Thanks everyone. I’m going to try PIAS tonight!
They have a sale that ends tomorrow.

Too kind David I’d be too worried about breaking something!

Now how do I incorporate my skiing TSS into my trains load?! ( kidding, but only sort of).

All set. Now time to figure out how to do this thing!

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I’m not sure if there are any spots left but if you are super beginner like I am the Ski Club has adult learn to ski lessons. I was lucky enough to stumble upon one in progress and tag along last Saturday. I then went home and paid for the membership in good faith. Rockway Ski Trails – Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club

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Its a bit of a drive, but Sawmill Ski trail is fantastic. Just outside Hepworth 20 min north of Owen Sound. you can get day passes from Suntrail another 2 min up the road. Suntrail is also a great place to check out skis and clothing. Also, really not worried if you had borrowed and broke my stuff, good excuse for me to get new stuff! (Not at the breakers expense as the skis are old!)