Vintage Sekine GS 1972 Bike for sale - SOLD

Anyone interested in Vintage Bikes read on … Prior to Sekine Moving to Manitoba for production, Sekine Bikes were imported from Japan. Here is your chance to get hold of one of these early Japanese bikes. Note the stylized disc on the rear wheel. The bike runs well, even for racing (ridden to 3rd place in the Ottawa National Capital Triathlon 2017). Saddle and Pedals have been replaced. Looking for $150.

More info on ‘Big Green’ can be found here: EARLY SEVENTIES SEKINE GS - INTRODUCTION


Not to prevent the sale, but if you don’t have any other vintage bikes might we worth holding into it @josephbmonks. We run at least one ( we hope for two) vintage road rides per year. One in the spring and one in the fall. Very casual but lots of fun. If you search for vintage in the forum you should see all the pictures!

Just searched it in the forum, what stood out was the comments about the very similar garage doors everyone has, I guess thats me included too :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: The ride looks like a fun event so I wont be too upset if i don’t get any takers.

Sweet rig. What size is it and what size are those wheels? @josephbmonks

I ask because some old bikes use 27 inch wheels and I’d love a pair :slight_smile: