Vintage 1985-1986 Fiori Roma $200

Selling an old school/vintage (1985-1986) Fiori Roma bike, size 21". I purchased this bike this summer intending to join a “vintage ride”, but now I’m not able to join in and I don’t have room to store the bike. Selling for what I paid for it…$200 flat pedals included. As you’ll see from the photos, the previous owner used it as a commuter and wrapped a bike lock around the frame, resulting in lots of paint scrapes. But, this makes it a perfect commuter or even restoration project. As far as I can tell everything is in good working order although I literally have only ridden it up and down the street when buying it.

Hay Brent it’s been rescheduled to Oct17th. If you haven’t sold it or lent it out come on out yourself. 35KMs. Easy.

Hi Brent !

I have an old Bianchi vintage bike 2x6 speeds.
If you want to borrow it for this vintage bike ride.
You are welcome :blush: :relaxed: :slightly_smiling_face:.



It’s a beaut! Thanks but I still have the Fiori …

So, you will be joining us for the ride ?

Not sure. I’ll see how things are feeling a few days before

Bike is now SOLD…

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