Spring Clothing Sale

Spring Clothing Sale

Time to clear some space for the new kits. The following items are in good to like-new condition.

2019 WCC Slick Jersey, Sz L, $30
2019 WCC Lazer Grip Bib, Sz XL, $30
WCC Socks, Sz L, Mid and Tall lengths, $5/pair
2019 Faction Course Skinsuit, Sz XL, $ 40
2019 Faction Course Bibs, Sz XL, $40
Speed River Biemme Jersey, Sz L, $10
Speed River Biemme Bibs, Sz XL, $25
Twin Six Category 6 Racing Team Jersey, Sz L, $20
Twin Six Stars and Stripes Jersey, Sz L, $20
La Passione Light Blue/White Stripe Jersey, Sz XL, $30

Thanks for looking! Reply here or to rosepedal at gmail dot com


Hey Joel – missed out on the recent yearly order so I’d like to take you up on the WCC Jersey & Bib.

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Thanks for the reply Christian! I’ll put your name on them!

@csbell Let me know when you’d like to meet up for the exchange.

I’m down with Covid. Nothing bad, just annoying lingering cold… That’s what I get for waiting in an ER for 7h for my son’s busted knee to get looked at. He’s fine virus-wise, but on crutches for a while.

I’d like to send you the 60$ now so you know i won’t flake out (interac?). Then I should be fine to head back to work next week. I’m downtown tue/wed/thu, on a bike.

Sorry to hear about yourself and your son! Get well both of you!!

Whatever works as far as payment goes is fine! Keep me posted when you’re out of covid’s grip and we can meet up.

@csbell I still have the WCC gear for you…let me know if you’re still interested? Thx!

Yes, I’m still in. We’ve seen each other a few times, I just have to make it happen (like going back to the start at St Jacobs). I can etransfer the funds now (pls give me your email, pass will be wcc).

Ok great. Yes we need to finally make the swap! My email is rosepedal@gmail.com