SOLD: Argon 18 Krypton XXS

We have decided to sell my wifes bike due to lack of use. Its an Argon 18 Krypon XXS. The size is basically a 48/49. She is about 5’2 and it fits her great, I’m 5’7 and its a bit on the small side for me. Its in amazing shape, carbon frame/fork, 11 speed and has 105 front to back. Asking $1500.

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Hi Dave,

The chain has come off a couple of time when I changed a front gear from inner to outer after climbing a hill.

How can I avoid this? Am I doing something wrong?


The stops on the front mech might need to be adjusted. You could bring it to me and I can have a look at it. You could also talk to a bike shop its a simple adjustment.

Hey there is a rec road ride tomorrow at 6:30 leaving from RIM park. Are you planning to ride then?

Can I bring the bike to you this evening?

Im busy this evening but I can take a look at it tomorrow night if that works?

Thank you, that will be great. The chain is stuck between front inner gear and frame. If I can fix this somehow, I might join tomorrow ride. Rei

You should be able to slip the chain out. Start at the bottom and you will need to reposition the crank arms if the chain runs into chain ring bolts. If not I can get it out tomorrow. Send me a text and let me know what time works for you.