LTB Shimano R7000/8000 hood

The right hood on my Shimano R8000 shifter needs to be replaced but unfortunately, it seems it’s backordered until October right now.

I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone have an old, damaged right-side R7000 or R8000 shifter (same part for both models) floating around with a hood that is recoverable?

Nope, I can find them on ebay and in the UK. I had used SJS cycles in the past but the shipping has got exorbitant, but they have been really usefully for small parts that have been out of stock in North America for extended time periods.

Yeah, I tried ebay already, but found out the seller was back-ordered as well once I purchased it. They thankfully cancelled it for me.

Hi Jeremy,

Can you possibly show me in picture of what you need ?
May be I can help you out.


Yeah, so this listing: Shimano Ultegra ST-R8000 105 ST-R7000 Bracket Cover Set Shifter Lever Hood Black | eBay (which is the first on the list that is the right part, and only one from what I can tell at a glance) says that 6 are available. I ordered it earlier this week, and immediately it indicated that ETA for shipping is Oct 6, which I happen to know is when Shimano is saying they can fulfill the item. In other words, 6 are not available, and the item is backordered. Maybe someone on ebay actually has the part and isn’t just falsely listing it, but I figured I give this group a shot first before trying other avenues, because maybe someone broke a shifter and they were holding onto it for parts or something.

This is my spare Shimano 105 shifters.
Left shifter slips when I try to shift and the right shifter works well with 10 speeds.

Let me know if you are interested.


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Thanks Sammy - I’m just looking for R7000/8000 hoods for now. I might see if another hood works if I can’t find one and I’ll let you know at that point.

Okay Jeremy,