In search of a TT bike

Hi Everyone,

I am tentatively racing my first stage race at Charlevoix in Quebec May 31-June 3. Only problem is one of the races is a TT, which I am very keen on competing in, but I do not have a TT bike or a TT setup (my new road bike does not accommodate clip on aero bars because of the shape of the aero handlebars). My only option would be clip on bars on my old road bike (not ideal but might be my best option right now).
This may be an extreme long shot, but I’m wondering if anyone has a TT bike they would be willing to lend, or if anyone is wanting to sell a used one at a reasonable price or has any connections that might rent/lend out TT bikes. I’m not ready to pull the trigger on buying a new one but wanted to see if there might be options out there. Or if anyone has any other suggestions.
For reference, I am 5’10 and ride a 56 road and gravel bike.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.



We still have this bike for sale if interested

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Few questions: :slight_smile:

  • What’s the course for the TT (Distance, flat, rolling, hill climb?)
  • How much stack adjustment do you have on the new road bike now to go lower? (Post a pic if that’s easier)

If it’s’ a relatively short TT I would just ride your new road bike in the most aggressive position you can on the hoods. I’m not sure on the setup with the new madone but you might be able to easily lower your stack just for the TT stage.

If it’s a UCI race you can tilt your shifters in slightly to make yourself more narrow.

Check the tech guide as some stage races mandate the TT to be done a road bike so it could be a moot point.

Also if you are in need of a TT helmet Lorie is selling her specialized S Works TT helmet for a very good price.

Good luck at the race!

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@Emily_driedger I originally owned the TT bike that @tcauduro mentions above, and it was perfectly sized for me (5’ 10", I ride a 56cm road bike). The bike is super comfortable and has SRAM Red components (including ‘return to centre’ shifters which makes shifting so much easier). I highly recommend checking it out…I hated to sell it because it put a smile on my face every time I rode it, but I just wasn’t doing TT’s enough to justify keeping it. Originally purchased at La Bicicletta in Toronto. Maybe do a test ride and see how it fits? Here are some additional photos


It looks like there are some stem-mounted aerobars meant for aero integrated handlebars:

It looks like the market is more for draft-legal triathlons (so they would be using road bikes) so they have the mini joined extensions, but you might be able to fit regular extensions on them.

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Thanks everyone! This is all very helpful :blush:

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You could borrow my TT bike, but it would be way too small. It is a 48cm Cervelo P5.

I also have a TT helmet you could borrow. It is still relatively new - only worn twice, so not too sweaty and gross yet.

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Thanks @Portasaurus :blush: I might message you about the helmet!