Has anyone purchased a Sprocket Rockit?

I’m wondering if anyone has purchased or used a Sprocket Rockit? I had a chat with Frank from sproketrockit.ca today, and liked that he’s just in Vaughan, and making these as a side business. I know there’s hundreds of rocker plate companies out there, and even more DIY plans. But I will never find the time in the near future do do my own, and I might as well get one where some of the kinks have been worked out of the design. He said he built one that had fore-aft movement, but liked it less for all riding except full-out sprinting.

I probably should get back on my bike at some point, and being a little (cough) heavier now, I’m thinking a rocker plate would be a good idea for comfort.

Looking for reviews, if anyone has used one, or even if others want to make a group pickup from Vaughan to save on shipping/gas. $380 and no tax being charged (he must be under the HST threshold).

Comparing against the LifeLine at $400 (including shipping, tax and duty). LifeLine Indoor Cycling Rocker Plate | Chain Reaction