Gravel bike required for woman 5’5”

I’m in the market for a bike that is light weight and good for gravel rides. Anyone selling a used bike or can you recommend where to buy new bike?


I’m a big fan of both Ziggy’s Cycle, now located just to the side of Weber St at the end of the Spur Line trail, and McPhail’s Cycle in Waterloo. Both shops are friendly, helpful and carry/can get a wide variety of gravel bikes.


@PattiDennison do you have a budget in mind? That might help folk suggest some options.

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Hi Oliver. I was thinking around the $1000 range.

I bought a used mountain bike many years ago. It had been through the wringer as the previous owner did a lot of racing. It had a lot of components that were upgraded from the original Rocky Mountain model. It also looked like crap or what I considered a lot of character. Lol

I would much rather buy a good used bike than a new bike as long as it fit me and was in good shape.

That’s more info than you asked for, but if someone wants to sell their bike to someone who will keep it up and not abuse it, I’m the girl !

I got my Norco Search from Black Arrow a few years ago. They go for about $2000 new. I am selling mine, but I’m the same height as you and it is a little big for me.


Ok. Would you do the same handlebars or would you go to flat bars?
I’m torn as I used to have a racing bike and loved it for the road. I’m just worried I might have neck trouble with the drop handle bars.

Do you think I could try your bike to see how it feels?

I was going to see Jesse tomorriw as he has the norco search and a norco search with a flat bar

If you are okay going with a flat bar then you might be good just getting a hybrid bike with a fixed fork and then fitting more aggressive tires to it. A good chunk of the extra cost for drop bars is the shifters.

This trek will take up to 38mm tires which is probably fine for most of the gravel around here:

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Thanks. I’ll check this out.

I’ve been shopping. My budget has jumped to 2K.
Need small frame. I prefer the drop bars but something that is a little higher than racer style.

Just in case someone knows of a used bike

I tried the frame size smaller than you. It was nice but I found the handle bars a bit low. Then I tried a all city bike and like the drop bars that were a little higher.

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Whatever you choose, I’m just so excited for this! lol

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Ziggy’s is hosting a Trekfest Sale on new bikes till April 30th so you may want to check them out.

I went to Ziggys today but they were very busy so I ended up leaving. They didn’t have a pile of stock that I could see. Most likely, they have bikes stored somewhere else.

Then I went to black arrow cycles, and I tried the Norco search with the down bar and with the flat bar. I like the down bar better, but that one was a little too down for me if that makes sense. Then I tried an All City just to compare the drop bar height and I liked the higher bar.

Hi folks. I bought a Norco Search on Saturday. I rode it 28 Km over paved and gravel roads as well as through the Snyder flats. It was great. I highly recommend Black Arrow Cycles on Queen St in Kitchener.


What a beauty!
I loved my Search, I think it’s a great gravel bike!

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